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Custom hoses and prebuilt-assemblies available in days, not weeks. All tested using the most rigorous standards in the industry. All 100% traceable.

  • Same-day service on most orders
  • All hoses pressure and conductivity tested, with certificate
  • Exceeds CSA 12.52, NGV 4.2, and ECE R110 testing and quality standards
  • 100% traceable hose, components and testing data
  • Parker Tracking Systemâ„¢ (PTS) provides fast, accurate product identification to speed replacement

At Precision CNG, we take the responsibility of CNG hose fabrication very seriously, delivering safe, reliable and consistent product performance. We are proud to exclusively offer the most comprehensive testing and materials traceability in the industry, and fabricate exclusively with Parker Hannifin Parflex 5 CNG hose, Parker Fittings, and Parker HPD products.

Our CSA-certified hose assembly center participates in rigorous, un-announced audits every 90 days and exceeds CSA 12.52, NGV 4.2, and ECE R110 testing and quality standards.

100% of our hose assemblies are labeled and traceable utilizing NIST-calibrated and traceable test equipment. We have the largest inventory in North America.

  • Pressure tested
  • Conductivity tested
  • Fire-proof metal tag
  • Born-on date with individual bar code per assembly
  • Comes with a certificate of conformance
  • Comes with paper record of test
  • Tests are electronically recorded using a Honeywell CFR 21 part 11 tamper-proof data recorder

The Parker Tracking Systemâ„¢ (PTS) can reduce your vehicle or asset downtime through increases in the speed, timing and accuracy of necessary repairs. Using a Web-based application, PTS generates a unique identification code for each hose assembly on a durable barcode or RFID label.  PTS labels are specifically engineered to withstand harsh chemicals, temperatures, UV exposure and other challenging conditions. This provides fast and accurate product identification to speed replacement, regardless of where the original assembly was made. The hose assembly can be replaced with only the PTS ID number, eliminating the need to remove hoses prior to replacement, providing critical machine uptime and enabling a more conveniently scheduled repair.

To learn more, visit parker.com/pts

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